Where is "Apply Deformation" in Blender 2.49b?

Hello there,

I am trying to make a skirt in Blender 2.49b.
I am following the instructions in the Noob to Pro Wiki book.
The Section of the Book is Noob to Pro/Simple Cloth Skirt.
I have a skirt animation running and the skirt falls into folds as it should.
Apparently to fix the folds in my mesh I have to “Apply Deformations”
According to the instructions I should be able to go to Object menu in the 3d view then go to scripts and then select “Apply Deformations”.
However there is no scripts sub menu in the Object menu.
and I can’t find “Apply Deformations”.
Please help!!!

  1. Probably menu is partially hidden 'cause whole Blender window or just 3d view port is too small to show it all - move menu bar of 3d window up or down to make more room for menu.
  2. Open Scripts window and search under Object sub-menu.

i wanted to know what was the difference of 4.49b and 2.49.2 . Its right there at the top of the object options in 2.49.2. like you said …Object / scripts / apply deformation .

@kazinger - you mean 2.49b? I think both are pretty the same.

Thank you for replying your absolutely right I pulled the menu bar down to allow more room for the objects menu and now I can see scripts. I do feel silly not working that out lol