Where is blender left now? In simple terms?

(TheHobbit) #1

Can someone explain to me in simple terms what happens now and what has to happen for the future?

I read and hear all this 100k and donation and opensource stuff but I don’t understand what the situation is…Help explain it to me, I’m a little slow.

(mrmunkily) #2

nice to see you here;

blender (bob-willing) will become free, and will be continued to be developed by the community. This means that it effectively lives agin, and if you can code, then you can help. even if you can’t, new features and functionality will probably be added every couple of weeks, like the good old days, except probably a bit more disoraganized…

anyway, It’s gonna be fun. Like linux.

(nlin) #3

It has less to do with “bob-willing” and more to do with the financial support of corporations and individual Blender users like you and me.

This means that it effectively lives agin

Assuming the 100K Euros is raised. We as a community can’t just sit by “hope” for this to happen and expect 100K Euros to appear out of nowhere - we have to MAKE this happen. That means donating and generating effective publicity among individuals or corporations who are likely to pay cold, hard cash.

The race isn’t won yet - no, it’s just started. As Ton said - it’s up to US now to secure a future for Blender.

(Rob) #4

By the look of it you will be able to access some of the new Blender site for free, whilst the aim will be to get you to pay 50 EUR per year for full access. For Blender to have a future it needs those 50 EUR. It sounds really great, clearly most people on this site will want to pay.