Where is Blendernation.com

Whenever I try to go on it says that the connection with the server was lost.

What’s up is the server just down or something?

Works for me

hmmm… well why isn’t it working for me?

I keep trying to go there but it just says connection with the server was reset

i had the same problem with blenderartists today, but now it works fine…

maybe they were doing updates?

Same thing happens to me, but it turned out to be something with my ISP. I can get it just fine using something like anonymouse:
It’s slower, and puts an add on the page (which you can close), but it works.

hey gurus,
i too had a bad time at my home pc…all of a sudden…elysiun doesnt upload at all…it did on the office pc…had to google and then click a link and there it was…whewwwwwwww.