Where is control Pivot in Blender

Hi All who love Blender,
I’am new comer to Blender and very interested with Blender.
I have problem in Blender with PIVOT. How could to control the pivot.
as i know in MAYA its just click INSERT afterward we could move the pivot where we want and on 3dsMAx we select on Hierarchy there is Adjust Pivot.
How about in Blender? where i find this command?

If you have a mouse with a wheel, you can simply press it down then move the mouse accordingly. Also, I only have an American keyboard, if you have the same, turn on “num lock” then use the arrow keys on the number pad to move in segments. I hope I helped.

In the user preferences (Drag down the top header) under “View and Controls” you can set view rotation options.

The most useful I’ve found is to turn on “Around Active”. this sets the 3D window’s pivot point to follow the active object.

thank everybody

But, i haven’t what i wanna. The gizmo still in center of object and i can’t move it (up, down, left or right).
How could i do it?

  1. Click the 3D cursor to the place you want the pivot point moved
  2. Press .

Ohhh… You want to press “G” to move the object if that’s what you mean.
Everything you need to get started is at http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Blender_3D:_Noob_to_Pro. Good luck!

If you mean the dot in the middle of every Blender object, then you are referring to the ‘Object Center’.

To move it, go to the editing buttons (F9), to the panel ‘Mesh’
there you find the button ‘Centre Cursor’

If you click on that the object center of your selected object will be moved to the position of your 3d-cursor.

AFAIK there aren’t any better controls for that yet.

yes, that is my point, thanks Guys