Where is Extrude_to_Cursor to be found?

(using default cube)
In 2.8 edit mode I couldn’t find Extrude_to_Cursor on the Mesh menu.
I read the manual and it says CTL-LMB - same as most tutorials - but I forgot that in 2.80 this is of course now CTL-RMB. This works fine, especially in quad spilt views mode (CTL-ALT-q).

So, other Newbies, I do recommend RTFM - but beware the change from RMB to LMB and vice-versa, the manual hasn’t caught up yet!

You can also go into the keymap editor and search for the name of the function to find out if the key binding is different in 2.80.

It’s also an active tool. Click and hold on the extrude tool and you’ll see it.



Click … and Hold??!
Wow, I hadn’t spotted that! That’ll be where all the other ‘hidden’ tools are hiding!
Great, thanks!

(How d’you learn that stuff?)
(It’ll be multi-touch gestures next, you mark my words)

That’s a great tip for the future, thanks!