where is Freestyle in 2.63 RC1 ?

just wondering if Freestyle was going to be integrated in 2.63.

I have a version of 2.62 that has freestyle, but it’s absent in 2.63 RC1. I’m looking for a download link that will contain it as a separate add-on. So I can install it on future blender version.

Freestyle won’t be in 2.63. You’ll have to download a version with freestyle integrated from graphicall.org which seem to be kept up to date

Thanks, I hope it’s as stable as the RC1

I routinely build a Win32 version of the Freestyle Branch and post it on Graphicall.org. Currently there is an error in the SCONS build process, but as soon as it gets cleared up, I hope to build a 2.63 version next week if the code gets stabilized. Check on Graphicall.org for a Freestyle build compatible with your platform. There is usually a recent version of most platform choices. RC1 does seem fairly stable.