Where is LoD?

I’m trying to create a game, and all I have is the LoD script which is really annoying to set up. I then found this
But I don’t know where it is in B2.69. Is this new for 2.71 only?

Likely it’s introduced after…http://cgcookie.com/blender/lessons/game-engine-level-detail/

I know what it is, but where is it?
He says it’s under object properties, but in 2.71 that I have it isn’t there
also isn’t there in 2.69

Blender 2.71 and LoD is right where it is supposed to be:

Remember to set the renderer to “Blender Game”.

Ensure you are using the Blender Game engine (selected at the top of the blender interface)

Ohh yeah I see it thanks :slight_smile:
I did set it to BGE, but it was at the bottom for some reason