Where is my model?

Okay. So I’ve been rendering for quite a while now and I think I’ve grown quite a bit. I am revisiting a model that I started almost a year ago, now that in finally ready to use him, and I can’t seem to see him in my render. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with he material, and the object data has him “visible in renders” but I can’t seem to see him. Please help.

Let me know if I need to email the file its a bit too big for BA

I guess in your particle system settings in the render tab “show emitter” is disabled

looks like your normals are flipped give me a second and will find a relevant link

It is indeed

I know how to flip normal. Let me try that

Normalss are fine

hmmm, im out of ideas then bud

If u r willimg, I can send you to file so you can explore it a bit.

then enable it.
This checkbox literaly makes the mesh invisible in the render

winding down for the evening dont want too get a nose bleed so gonna pass on that one :slight_smile:

It’s all good. Thanks for your help thus far

Leaving for work now. I’ll have to explore that later.

That was it! Many many thanks