Where is my mummy? rainbow jam 2016 entry

(wallmasterr) #1

This was my entry to rainbow jam 2016
Play as a baby platypus looking for his mother in a short kids game.
Made in blender 2.77
controlls wasd to move

Its prity short and not too good but it was fun to make and looks cute.

Hope you guys like it :smiley:

(cam.dudes) #2

You didn’t write “dammed”? Missed opportunity.

(wallmasterr) #3

lol ye , there is loads of spelling mistakes in there and I’m dyslexic so dono which homophone to use in puns.

(nilshaha123) #4

Nice models and animations. I like the style of it :slight_smile:

(Smoking_mirror) #5

I love the style. The terrain looks great!

You can get someone to edit your work, in fact it’s a good idea to.
My friend is a professional author but he still gets his books edited before printing, cos it’s easy to miss mistakes.

(doankhuong92) #6

well with kids:evilgrin::evilgrin: