Where is my shadow?


For some reason, this glass material doesn’t make any shadows on the ground! Just wanted to know what is wrong with my setup!

I have HDRI setup in the scene as well!

Thank you :slight_smile:

A blend file, or at the very least a grab including your node setup would be useful.

good point :smiley:

Here is my blend file…

Thanks!404-new.blend (716.4 KB)

I’m on mobile, can’t open the file currently, but is there direct lighting hitting the glass? It looks like there is mostly diffuse lighting in the room and only sharp light at the top, as most of it is lit very evenly.

oh i think i solved my problem! in my glass node i had to remove the transparent mixture:



Although i am not sure why that solved my problem!!

Using a transparent node by itself in the mix node when using light paths will create it completely transparent to those paths.

try adding a multiply math node between the light path/shadow ray and the mix for more control over the shadow.