where is strubi's unwrapper?

I have tried the link from geocities but it took me to some german site that does not seem to have anything to do with blender.Can someone help me find it.I’ve heard so much about it and would like to try it out.

i think they have it in the scripts section of the main blender site. if not, i’ll look and see if I have a copy.

Thnx for ur post Modron but The author of the capsule unwrapper refers to strubi’s as being better for heads and stuff.I don’t want the capsule one but strubi’s.

this script uses libs compiled with an old python , it will not work with recent blender version .

Cannot program any further than actionscript but if the script was that good, why can’t someone recompile it for recent blender.I could, if 1: I had the sources,
2: I knew how, cuz believe me, when I think of unwrapping complex meshes, it so detairs me that I just bash paint on it and save the day.So heeeelp all ye python gurus!

Because it is a very old script and there is better tools now .

As jms said, LSCM is far superior. I suggest you look for some tutorials on it, it’s a great tool.

I know man. But the stuff is that we’re just on the lookout for something that’ll make the job go faster and I thought I had just laid hands on one.Not yet tested the new live lscm but hope I won’t get disappointed and scared away from uv mapping.

If your reaction is anything like mine was, you won’t be scared, you’ll want to have it’s children. Much easier than a script too :slight_smile: