Where is the FSA button nowadays?

I recall it was a button to turn on for the whole scene. But now it’s gone or I am just confused.


the button is only visible if you activate “save Buffers”.


Thank you.

And the award of “Most hidden button ever” Goes to…

Huh. Still seems a bit jaggy, ah well.

Actually it makes perfect sense when you think about what FSA really is! You can’t do a full anti alising over all passes if you do not have the passes saved out. So FSA without Save Buffers makes on sense.

Suuuue it does. I mean yeah it does when you put it that way. But I would have never found it otherwise.
Instead it could be a button that automatically presses the save buffers button as well.

But hey. Still missing the “Make Pretty” button as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope that still doesn’t make sense because there’s a need to save OSA buffers as well (keeps Blender from crashing on non unix based OS’s) . In fact Save Buffers was designed B4 FSA to keep the X-seed render farm from crashing on Elephant’s Dream.

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