Where is the gamma button in 2.43?


In my 2.43, I just have a border button where border and gamma are shown above.


O.o I can’t find anything useful. I thought maybe they removed it because they added a gamma node that you could just make a in-gamma-out nodegraph out of, but I can’t find anything that simple in the node system and the button hasn’t shown up anywhere else for me. . . .

Thank you, maybe it is a mistake? yeah right…

it got greedy and wanted royalties so we had to kick it out. sorry. you can still write to it, but Blender cannot support it or deal with its temper tantrums.

:evilgrin: Thank you, I needed that laugh…

what gamma button on what panel were you talking about, anyway? there are soooooo many buttons, it’s hard to keep track. thx. wiki page reference, if you plz.

Well, I did put a pic in but bsod is down or blender.org … but the gamma button on the render panel. Bottom right corner, now it says border.

I went into 2.42a and played with the gamma button on my table top and I didnt see much change so that doesnt fix my challenge any way.

ah. i think that was for gamma color correction between the way Apples and IBM PCs differed in displaying true colors, but is now no longer needed.

and yes, wiki has been down for some time now, and some of us are getting very concerned.

:frowning: Probably just finishing all the changes to the site, they’ll Be Back

It wasn’t for gamma correcting the image, it was an ancient process for gamma correcting the antialiasing which supposedly made it better when shown on TVs, ‘back in the day’. However I’m doubtful as to whether it made any appreciable difference at all with the current day AA code, and it got in the way of some of the renderer refactoring, so it got pulled out.

It’s not a big deal, and it just means there’s less you have to worry about setting up now :slight_smile:

ty broken. my life is already wayyyyyy too complicated. anything to make it simpler.