Where is the move brush?


I’m digging a bit in the sculpting tools of Blender which I found rather great so far. They have a very natural feeling to them in my opinion. Similar to those of zBrush.

Anyways… I can’t find any move brush that just pulls or pushes geometry away. Where is it?


Grab brush https://www.blender.org/manual/painting_sculpting/sculpting/introduction.html#sculpt-brushes
Don’t assume that all functions/brush tools you see in ZBrush are in Blender

Also, with dyntopo enabled, snake hook might be better.

Thank you. I must have missed that.

(I never assumed that all zBrush tools are also Blender, I only said the sculpting tools I tried in Blender have a good feeling, rather similar to that of zBrush)