Where is the openGL render animation command/feature in blender 2.91?

I just happened to need it to quick render an effect draft to showcase direcly with the opengl render, to showcase a feature …without having to wait for any true rendering.
I used to do that with 2.79…was that removed in later versions?

View Menu->Viewport Render (Animation or Image)

Ah…thanks EAW,
They just moved it then I think, I didn´t even bother to look around in that menu.

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There’s also a complete set of renderers that are now extremely fast …

Thanks but not thanks, I do not want eevee to render it.
opengl is what I needed and with wireframe, it is faster than eevee.

Can´t see why I should have to render anything…when all I needed in this specific case was opengl.
Of course …as you can see, I knew about eeve.

But thanks anyway.