Where is the python Scripts folder on Mac OS X?

I want to put some new python scripts on my lappy so that Blender can use them. Where do they go? Where do I put them? I’m running Mac OS 10.4.4.

Hey man! I would have mentioned this before but I only found it out earlier today. If you run Blender with a “-d” option…

Example: blender.exe -d

It will show the directory it’s using for finding scripts. It will show something like this:

Getting menu data for scripts from dir(s):
default: /Program Files/Blender Foundation/Blender/.blender/scripts

That sounds like a Windows thing. I’m specifically looking for the place it stores on the Mac OS X.

True but the -d is a blender thing and I’m sure you can do that even on a Apple box.

However check out this thread, it gives a good solution. One that I think I’ll follow myself.

Thanks, 4MM! I didn’t want to bug you with this again, but I see that you are un-buggable! :slight_smile:

No sweat. That’s me, Mr. un-buggable.