Where is the scripts tab in the buttons window in 2.5 and 2.6?

Hello folks. Im using a script that needs to be linked to an object and i can only get it to work in 2.49 since they thought it would be such a great idea to remove the script links tab from the buttons window (now renamed properties window) in 2.5 and 2.6. So how would i go about finding the script links tab in the newer versions? I wish theyd stop getting rid of useful functions like this and the audio window. The audio window was great since it actually showed the sound waves in the audio file, which helped a lot with giving us a visual representation for lipsyncing. The sequencer wont show me the sound waves when i import them :frowning:

Sorry for my rants, but Blender sure does know how to frustrate me :no:

The sequencer wont show me the sound waves when i import them
It does for me if I turn on the waveform display

select the audio strip then press N(shows/hides properties panel)
under sound check draw waveform

They did a lot more than remove the scripts tab to break 2.4x scripts…

So that means we cant use script links in 2.5 and up? Crap. Oh well, i guess i’ll just have to stick with 2.49 for this project.
Im definitely glad i didnt delete 2.49 earlier like i had planned.
Thanks for the advice on getting the sound waves in the sequencer to show up though.