Where is the Segments and Rings?


when i add UV Sphere and i select other object then I Return to the UV Sphere agine
I can Not see Segments and Rings option for the UV Sphere?

Once you carry out another operation such as selecting another object etc, the options are no longer available.

But I return to the new object UV sphere and I select it and i search for Segments and Rings option with no Luck? :frowning:

Is this will known Problem with Blender?

As I said you cannot change the number of segments and rings as you can when you first created it, those options are gone forever. You’ll have to add additional loop cuts if you want more or add another sphere with the correct number of rings.

you mean i must add new UV sphere or add loops

I Hope Blender solve this thing


in Maya there is no problem like this only when i delete the History

Objects in Blender do not have a creation history. Once default values are selected they are finalized.

The thing is - your uv sphere is now an editable mesh:- the vertices can be moved around, faces can be extruded, etc, etc…

if you’re able to do all that, you’re not going to be able to adjust the number of Segments and Rings.