Where is the subdivide button in Ver 2.62?

Where is the Subdivide Button in Ver 2.62? The manual that came with the download has slightly different instructions than seem to fit my screen.

The instructions indicate that the Subdivide Button is under Add in the Tool Shelf. I don’t seem to have a Tool Shelf. I have Object Tools, though. But there is no Add Button there. Nor is there a Subdivide Button.

In the bar across the top of the screen is an Add drop down menu, but there seems to be no Subdivide Button in there.

Anyone know what I’m doing wrong? Is the manual that comes with vers 2.62 not updated or am I just misunderstanding something in the instructions?

Any help would be appreciated!

Have another look in the toolshelf when in edit mode. Subdivide is a mesh tool, not an object tool.
You can also use the specials menu (shortcut W) when in edit mode


Thanks, that did it!