Where is the "SubSurf" button?


I’m a newbie.

I’m now reading the “User Guide”, and it’s written, here:


That there’s a “SubSurf” button. But I can’t find it!

I’m attaching a screenshot of my system (click to enlarge):


I’ve encircled, in red, the place where, according to “Figure 4.16” in the User Guide, this “SubSurf” button is supposed to be. As you can see, it’s empty.

Where can I find it? %|

In F9 buttons window under Modifiers.


I think this must qualify as the most asked question on elysiun in the last month.

For the record, you may want to take a look here:

This is the updated version of the Gus tutorial (work in progress though) and will save you a lot of headaches since some things are easier now than they were before.