Where is?

As far as I know, in prior versions of Blender I could select multiple vertices using
“Select Every N Number of Vertices”
Imagine…you are using a circle with a lot of vertices (it doesn’t worth with a few vertex, obviously)
You could select each 2, 3 …(as you want) vertices.
But in the newest 2.65 (even in the 2.65a) this mode of selection was disappeared…Or I can’t find
Does anyone know where is?
Please, any help…PM or via [email protected]

Select all the vertices you want this to apply to, then use Select / Checker Deselect. In the toolshelf (or F6) you then have then the options for Nth Selection and Offset values.

Tnx a lot.
I’ll try this afternoon (before new year eve’s party, of course)
Happy new year