Where No Man Has Gone Before

“Whatever it is, contact in twelve seconds.”

I got to do this for a scene that got added at the last second to the fan film Star Trek: Of Gods and Men. In the movie one of our other FX geniuses did the barrier effects. So as I pursue a good galactic barrier effect in Blender I thought I’d give this a whirl. Plus it’s a nice excuse to show off my pilot-version Enterprise in higher res. (I think I was more excited to do those two shots than anything else in the film. It was really an honor.)


Hello Tallguy!

Nice picture. The pilot Enterprise looks very nice. The barrier is good too, however you might want to track down a volumetric build of Blender. It’s still early days on that I think but it may well be worth trying as I’ve see some impressive results with it.

Wow, really nice work. I enjoyed Star Trek: Of Gods and Men. It’s got an amazing cast for a “fan film.” I didn’t realize Blender was used in the production. Do you have a list or thumbnails of Blender shots?

Update (up top): Well, I revised the barrier. This one animates nicer and I kind of screwed up the colors on the first one (went from memory and then tried to correct in post). I’m really learning textures better as well as the node system with this. Huzzah!

Hi 4MM! I’m sure I could go crazy with some very complicated FX (and when I do “inside” the barrier it will get more complex) but right now I’m trying for something as close to the original as I can manage.

harveen: Thanks, glad you liked it. I haven’t sat down with a list. There was an article over at BlenderNation: http://www.blendernation.com/2007/12/24/star-trek-of-gods-and-men-act-1/ There were quite a few meshes that I made in Blender and then were rendered in Lightwave or Max. There where a few shots that where done entirely in Blender. And some (like the barrier shot in act 3) that were a mix. One of these days I ought to do an “inventory”.

Now that is the deal. That update is beautiful!

Thanks for the link. It was a good read. I also enjoyed your Enterprise Scale video. It’s good to see Blender making inroads in this kind of production. It sounds like you really impressed the LW and 3DS users with Blender’s capabilities.

I very much liked the Work done in the Movie, it may not be up to the Mega budget standards, but in Lowe budget film making, the Work was awesome, very ambitious, got the Story told in an efficient and entertaining way.
I was just thinking the other day how well the Barrier Shot was done, I felt it should have been that way in Star Trek Re-mastered,Totally faithful to the Original effect.
In fact Of Gods and Men is the reason I finally got up off my butt and give 3D rendering a Shot,
I guess I should thank you for the inspiration.

Wow, Hatter.Getting someone going with Blender has got to be one of the best compliments I’ve ever received. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

This is My own Re-design of the Enterprise that Im playing around with.



I think everyone has their own Idea of what the Enterprise would look like if they were given the opportunity to Re-design it.
Some people wouldn’t change a thing, Some People may do something outrageously different, some People would do certain Variations , etc.