Where or What is the name or area I should look 4 compostie video into a 3d scene?

I have been looking for a bit now. I cannot seem to find a video tut, or even wiki on the name or area I should be in for composting video INTO Blender 3d scenes. Everything I find is like Keying where it is a still background pick and Nodes to key out Green. Compositing only a background into my scene. OR strictly video editing adding text etc.

Think- " Making a TV or monitor in Blender and wanting to add a movie or png sequence into a 3d scene…" After writing that it makes me think of Texture>PNG>Seq but I want it IN an asset. Like ocean footage would be in a fishtank.

I open the Video editor but I do not see my 3d scene to place it in… That is a glass tube to add an actor in

*update I found this area, but I do not know how to use it. Any tuts anyone has watched?

If I understand you correctly, you want an actor to look like he’s inside a glass tube? First, you’ll need to film your actor against a screen ( a large bedsheet should do.) Make sure the color of the sheet is different than the color of his clothes. Use a Keying node to separate the actor from the background. He would be added on top of the 3D background using an Alpha Over node.

The glass tube would need to be rendered in a separate render layer so that you could place it on top of him using a Mix node set to Add (or maybe Overlay or Screen.)

Do a Google search on Green Screen Compositing in Blender. You should get plenty of video tutorials.

Steve S

The way i would approach it is first doing the green screen removal… and outputting a image sequence of that, then attaching that image sequence onto a 3D plane and putting that plane inside the tube… would be easier then faking IOR and what not.

Thanks guys I know how to key and wanted to know how to import the footage into blender. Then be able to move it on the X,Y,Z to place it in that tube.
D bishop
“attaching that image sequence onto a 3D plane and putting that plane inside the tube”
Add to plane? Like UV unwrap? Like I stated prior? I was going to give Blender a go at this, but am thinking to send it over to After Effects I just thought Blender could pull it off… I thought it would look cleaner to do it Blender instead…

Funny how guys elaborated on the key and not the import of footage…

Sorry, I thought you would understand what i was talking about (you have ~300 posts)… anyway the simplest way to bring it in is first go into preferences -> addons, enable images as planes addon

in your scene press shift a -> mesh -> images as planes, select the first image in your image sequence

in the node network change it from single image to image sequence, set the number of frames, start frame and offset there (and whether it is cyclic or not) and turn on auto refresh.

This you probably usually wouldnt call ‘compositing’. compositing usually refers to the manipulation of 2D images, not working in a full 3D scene with 3D rendering.

No problem, 300 posts for modeling, lighting etc. That is why I am asking what it is called as I cannot find what I am looking for. I will try your method and see if it works for me. Thank you for the steps. (addons, enable images as planes addon) <-- maybe that is why I did not see it. This reads like what I wanted to try out.

As it is now, doing it as a key and composite it IS in 2d and not what I was looking for. I want it in 3d (maybe) as when I add smoke it will appear infront and back of actor.

Yep Double Bishop that was it. Thanks again. & 288…:RocknRoll:

Are you going for the hologram look from captain power and the soldiers of the future?