Where sell 3d Modells?

Hey Guys!
I m looking for a place where i can sell 3d modells.
I saw turbosquid but there i only gain 40%.Isnt this a bit low?

Can you guys tell me if you would buy my Port?
Explore thegamlion
and if yes, how mutch would you pay?


I saw turbosquid but there i only gain 40%.Isnt this a bit low?
40% of something (large target audience) is greater than 100% of nothing (no-one seeing your model). You’re paying for all those potential eyeballs, you need to decide what is most beneficial to you

Can you guys tell me if you would buy my Port?
I don’t need such a port so to me it is worth nothing however much work you may have put into it. Is it really something that has any large demand, probably not. Therefore you need to decide who are you expecting to want such a model ? If it’s designed for a game then look at where game makers look for models. Maybe there are similar models already being sold, have a look at their quality and price versus what you have.

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Mhhhh i didnt changed anythink, but its still avavible?

Click to the right and you’ll see the image.

Thanks, Kinryu.

@TheGamlion: I’m in the same position as Richard: don’t need it, so it isn’t worth anything to me. But I think you are really limiting your market by placing all the objects into a scene. You have a boat, a building, barrels, trees, etc, but they are already laid out as a port. I suspect any game designer looking for assets is not going to be looking for a complete scene, since if any element does not fit in with his concept, he can’t use it, even if the building, or the tree by itself, might have been something he wanted.

Now, I have seen some very elaborate ‘city building’ kits, where the artist provides streets, buildings, street furniture (lamp posts, fire hydrants, mail boxes, etc) built in a modular way so the purchaser can put together fairly large city areas from the kit without the repetition being obvious. But in this case, the purchaser decides to use the city building kit as the entire stage, so the concept is unified.

But I think you might be better off offering your objects separately rather than as a complete scene.

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There are some places where you can sell 3D objects listed here at 3. http://www.blenderguru.com/articles/5-ways-to-make-money-with-blender/#.VMXmBS6KM-U

Hi. You can sell your models there http://cgstudio.org/shop/ Commission only 15%. But it is a new Russian site. Supported payment systems: Paypal, Webmoney and others.

3d ocean

it’s inactive and has an absurd amount of royalties but…

they have incredibly low standards

especially for blender models

Turbosquid stinks, but as they have the main monopoly on 3D models ATM, it’s difficult to get sales elsewhere. They try and force you into exclusivity as well. I’m considering pulling my library from them though.

CGTrader is great, high royalties, frequent contests, it also allows and encourages customers to contact the artists.

3DSquirrel is okay, but seems to be slowly dying. High royalties, great administration.

The3DStudio ain’t the best, they constantly spam your inbox trying to sell you rubbish figurines that look like they were made in China. Odd, but true.