where should i post my wips and projects

Hi there
although I registered quite a while ago, I havent posted any content here yet. But I plan to change this in the near future ;). But before I do, I have a question concerning a few subforums and where I should post what.

Whats the difference between “focused critique” and “work in progress”, except criticism may be harsher and more welcome in the former? I mean, they are both for wips, right? Wouldn’t i want harsh and honest criticism on any wip? Unimportant doodle stuff could go in the sketchbook, but then there wouldnt be any need for the normal ‘work in progress’.

After I have processed any critique do I actually post the same thing again in “finished projects”?

In “Animations” go animation wips and finals, or do i post the animation finals in “finished procets”?

I realize that one probably needn’t be so particular about this, but still I’m wondering for quite a while now ;).


Both Work in Progress and Focused Critique postings will get crits, but in general people posting in focused critique will take the crits more seriously. (You’ll even see crits on ‘finished projects’ even though there doesn’t seem to be much point to it.)

Works in Progress authors may just be showing off their work and not pay attention to any but the most obvious flaws, oftentimes things on their own list of ‘stuff to fix’. Work in progress tends to be the more active forum, though, so you’ll frequently get more crits if you post there. Your choice, but when I am working on something that I think is going to be special, I put it in focused critique and just wait for people to notice. It is not the place to make noob errors in modeling or materials or lighting, though. People posting in Focused Critique are also more aware of what others will need to see to give decent criticism or advice.

Wouldn’t you want harsh and honest criticism? Well, some do, some don’t.

When you are done with your project you post it in finished projects, whatever it is. I think the only exception is finished games, which have their own subforum in the Games section.

In any event, the world will not end if you post in the wrong place. Sometimes the mods will move a misplaced thread, but usually you’ll just get some advice about where to post next time you have a similar project. Live and learn.

okay thanks alot.