Where the freak are the YAFRAY/blender tutes

I asked this same question on blender.org and was refered to this site. YAFRAY seems to be rather powerful when it comes to transparancy and reflection, but without tutorials I’m lost.

help…please :frowning:


i dont know tutorials (google, search button at the top of the forum). but i can give you some basic information.

go to render buttons. under the big RENDER button there is a field that says: blender internal. change that into yafray. (presuming that you have it installed).

now there are two more tabs above the render buttons. first press the middle one. you will see a button with xml. if you want to see the render progress you deselect it.

the last tab has two fields with the method and quality of global ilumination. setting the quality of global higher will result in longer render times.

(next time please use the search button before you want to ask something. we cant answer forever :wink:

hint: yafray renders seem to be too dark. you have to increase the power of your lamps to prevent that.

one is in my signature! :wink:

Finally, some explanations for newbs like me! Now I have something to work on…that is until Ivan (tropical storm) comes along and knocks out the power.

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