Where the heck is copy draw mode in the newest SVN builds

I found out I had to create a UVmap in the new SVN builds to access the texture features as part of the merger of editmode and UV mode, but I looked hard and couldn’t find the copy draw mode button.

Did it get moved somewhere else or moved to a hotkey? Please don’t tell me it’s removed, if so how are we supposed to set the settings for 100 faces at once?

I feel your pain. Really, I just figured out its use a week ago. 'Tis a shame I can’t help you… …

Well, I haven’t tried this build you’re talking about, but I think going into face mode, and pressing ctrl + c, then selecting “Mode” will do the same thing as the Copy DrawMode button.
I was just playing around with some keys when I read this topic, and turned out that one worked. :wink:

I didn’t know Ctrl C led to a menu,

For those who don’t know, go into face mode and hit Ctrl. C. Active mode copies the modes and Active Transp copies the alpha, and Active vertex colors copies the vertex colors.

There’s other options like copy textures and UV’s as well.

yes, I had also the same problem/question… tks for the tips.
At least, when the dev make such a modification to the interface, it should be documented somewhere… a “feature” without doc is much like no feature at all… and a known feature being “hidden” suddenly like this is like a regression of the code.
There should be a button for those operation anyway… hope it will come back.