Where the heck is the "Transfer Weights"?

So I’m coming from BlenderSensei (thought I’d give this version a try – while I like Sensei I can’t redownload it for some reason right now). I have my two objects shift selected and go to weight mode and the one I want to transfer weights to (from the first) is in blue as I’m used to… but the Transfer Weights rollout is nowhere to be found (I am used to seeing it under tools – under that I see a lot of icons about vertex groups but nothing that would allow me to transfer the weights by name as I am used to doing).

Am I missing something obvious? I can provide a screenshot (and will, if needed), but I can promise you it’s not there (my own weight tools, which I’ve added from my scripts, are there, but not the transfer weights stuff).

Is the ‘Transfer Weight’ option under Weight Tools what you are looking for ?

Yeah, that’s what I’m used to seeing, but it isn’t showing. All I see under weight tools are these little icons for vertex stuff (there are 10 of them). Is there some option in BFA that would turn these off (or the other stuff back on?)

This is what I see


These are not default so you’ll need to check for any addons that affect the appearance.