Where the Rigs Go!

Here is a scene with several of the free rigs available for download

Very funny, I love it.
What is the name of the character near the ceiling ?

What no Gecko? http://www.geckoanimation.com/projects/gecko Problem is I can’t find the download anymore

The character near the ceiling is called Maju v1. Ya I was trying to find the gecko and couldnt find it either. There is alot more free rigs I could of put in there. I was amazed at how many there actually is

I like it, aside from the obvious reasons :slight_smile: I recognise all the rigs too.
Otto, ludwig, mouse, Maju, mancandy, pantin, stickman, devilman and white nelb (blendie reloaded)

I wanna see more of those compilations.

Could you upload the image somewhere else please?
(I can see the thumbnail, but my filter blocks that hosting site. I know that cdupload works fine though!:))


where can ifind the maju rig

I like it!
I love the BBB poster in the background, lol.
It seems like an image that should have Suzanne hiding in it somewhere…

interesting !

Someone has mentioned the gecko rig. I downloaded it months ago. The rig work very smooth but the model is untextured.:confused: If someone want’s it shout me a message. I don’t know if it is legal to upload that material to this thread.

Nice idea! That might make a good challenge, too.

BTW, here’s the page for the Gecko rig: