where to adjust the outlining color of selected objects?


can someone please tell me where to set the color for the outlines of selected objects?
In the users preferences i tried everything within the 3D windew options, but none of them seems to serve the indication of selected objects in the 3D window.
Where must i look?


3D View / Object Active
Blender 2.49b

Blender 2.5a2

3D View / Object Selected is applicable when you have multiple objects selected.


Thanks, but that’s what i meant.

The one for “active objects” doesn’t work.

The color conture for active objects doesn’t show.

I’m using 2.45, its capable enough for me.

But i got this one problem now.


Obviously not capable enough to change its colours though.
To be honest if you want to use such an old version (I cannot understand why you’re so insistent on using it) I think you’re on your own. It’s one thing helping with the current version but going 7 blender versions back is a little too much.

Why that?
The user preferences are surely majorly the same through out all past versions till 2.49.
And 2.49 is still mostly in use everywhere and will be as long as version 2.5 is in testing.

So anybody still working with 2.49 please help if solution to missing object outlining color is known.


wait…you’re using 2.49 or 2.45? post #3 says 2.45, is that a typo? if not, you should definitely download 2.49.

i got almost all versions installed but i mostly use 2.45 since i don’t know if you can or how to configure hotkeys individually.

Cause i much prefer having the “Undo” related to the U-key in edit mode as in 2.45 than to Z+Ctrl like in version 2.49.

So please no more comments on the version i use. I think every experienced Blender user should still be familiar with earlier Blender editions.

I don’t need all the newest features everytime Blender throws an upgrade on the counter.

I’m not a pro and 2.45 still works fine for me, except the thing with the outlining color which i’m missing and asking about here.

It was fine before, only since like two weeks ago it suddenly malfunctioned and avoids coloring selected objects. Need help on why that could be.

Regards and thanks from Berlin :).

looks like a corrupt .B.blend file in your %Blender%.blender directory. Deleting/removing this file should help.