where to buy a quad core mini pc tower


just for rendering (Yafaray - LuxRender) I need a mini quad core tower.
Best would be with 2 CPU so I have 8 cores.

Memory, hard disk, and that is all I need.

I have a macbookpro which I work on and via network I would send
the renderjobs to the mini tower.

I looked for days at different stores but did not find anything I was
looking for. And most offers were also about 600 US $ with stuff I
do not even need.

Does anybody know a good place where you can order cheap custome
build PCs?


Build your own. Newegg should have some deals on parts.

If I could buy a dual processor quad core system in small form factor for $600, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second. I’m not familiar with the current prices in the US but any reasonably fast quad core system would cost at least 300-400 euros for a basic system over here.

Dual processor systems are usually a lot more expensive due to the motherboards (which are typically marketed as server motherboards) and processor restrictions, meaning that using two ordinary desktop processors will not work. Also it will be hard to create a small system using those motherboards as they tend to be a bit on the big side.

I’m with zanos about buying parts and putting them together. As long as you make sure that the processor fits on the socket physically, there is very little that can go wrong. Most motherboards nowadays have some basic graphics adapter and a network card included, so the number of parts that need to be combined is minimal.

On newegg, there is one ready-made Gateway system for $500, which seems like a reasonable deal. When buying parts, you could probably get a significantly faster system, but this one seems to be nicely small and not too noisy.

You found dual CPU computers for $600? Wow. I bought 6 dual-quadcore-Xeon boxes from HP last year for work, cheaped out on the memory and hard drives to get the price down under the capital limit, and they were still $2500 a pop. Bought the memory upgrades and big hard drives separately and installed them after arrival. We use them for simulation and network modeling.

what did you put into that HP that it was even more expansive than mac pro desktops?

They were HP xw8600 workstations. I got them with the Xeon E5420 CPUs, 2 each for a total of 8 cores. I did shop around a bit, Dell had a comparable product for a comparable price, but we have a corporate contract with HP so pretty much had to buy the xw8600s. Also, they are not small form factor boxes. Big boxes, plenty of fans and ducting to keep CPUs and HDs cool. Nice to work in, even with my big hands.

Here’s the datasheet: