where to download textures?

I am looking for a good site where I can download textures for free, but all the sites I go to don’t have many textures or cost money. also, i’d like a site where you can download all the textures at once, but this is just optional. any ideas?

This site has whole materials you can download specifically for Blender.

Also, Spiral Graphics has free textures you can use on their site. MapZone comes with many free textures with normal maps.

www.cgtextures.com is a nice one.
I only started to take a look at it yesterday, and it said something about a quota of 15 MB. I don’t know whether that’s being reset everyday, but it’s worth checking out.

thanks guys! those sites are just what I needed!:smiley:

The quota on cgtextures is 15mb a day. And you can’t download everything without getting banned. Beside, it saves space on your hard drive if you just bookmark the site and let them store everything.



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This was sold by NaN back when Blender was commercial:
It’s a large download, but it’s very useful.

Check out Blender Game Engine Resources section in this forum. There’s quite a lot there.

Please, try this - http://textures.aseev.com/
I hope you’ll find my textures useful.