Where to Find an Option to "make proxy" in 2.80?

Hi guys! In earlier versions this option is in Object -> … (or Ctrl Alt P) but I cannot find such options in 2.80. Is this because of development stage or can I create proxy in a different way?

Thank you!

I think Proxy Objects are gone in 2.80 (nope, they’re still there) and intended to be replaced by the new Static Overrides system which will be much more powerful except for the tiny detail that it won’t be officially finished for 2.80. Static Overrides are partially implemented and hidden behind a command line option in the current beta.

Here’s a description of the initial implementation:


and another about the fact that it won’t make 2.80 and the command line option to enable what’s there if you want to experiment with it.


I’m not sure what the Spring movie people using for their workflow.

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Although I found Proxy in the search command, if this is going to disappear later on, I wonder if it’s worth learning about rigging at this stage… Thanks for the info!