Where to find .B.blend on other OS?

Hi guys. I’m writing a tutorial on how to customize Blender to your preferences.
I’d like to know where the .B.blend file is on other OSs.
On Windows, it can be found in

C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\.blender\.B.blend

unless you installed Blender elsewhere.
.B.blend contains the default scene when you begin a new .blend. Erasing it will return it to the default default scene (seeing as you can change the default scene by using Ctrl + U “Save User Defaults”).
So, where can I find this file on other OSs?

Hiya Charlesworth, don’t forget that the .B.blend that actually affects Blender in Windows depends on the option you chose when you installed it. For example, my .B.blend is stored in

C:\Documents and Settings\~username\Application Data\Blender Foundation\Blender\.blender

Yes, I know that it’s whereabouts can differ (like I said in my first post).
My question is just: where is it to be found on other Operating Systems (assuming the default location was chosen)?
I just need the name of the OS and the filepath. Nothing big. :smiley:

On Mac OSX I don’t think there is a default .B.blend file installed. If you save user defaults settings in blender then the .B.blend file is saved in /Users/username/