Where to find better help

I ask for help on this forum a lot, and I’m grateful for all the helpful responses I get. But I don’t like having to bother everyone to find answers, because I feel that there might be a resource where I can find help on my own. I have looked through the 2.77 manual, but so many things are barely touched on. Some things in the manual are not much more than the tip I see when I hover my mouse over a button in Blender. I have watched so many tutorials in all areas, but almost never can get the same result. It’s probably some simple setting that isn’t specified in the tutorial, maybe because the tutor assumes that the person watching knows about it, one unchecked box, etc. but it can make a world of difference in whether or not something works. Many people here have given me solutions to some problems I’ve had, but I have no idea WHY they work. Blender has thousands of options, settings, etc. in all its many modes of use, that it’s mind-blowing if you can’t find thorough explanations. So maybe some of you helpful people went to Blender University somewhere, and maybe I need to enroll…

Where to find better help
Learn to use https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl

blender learning curve is very steep indeed
as you said 1000’s variables and tricks to learn

only way is to practice a lot and ask questions here on forums

and then more practice and more …

google don’t know
take a chance
it might work or not !

happy bl

Blender stack exchange can be very helpful as well for specific questions.

Basic setup blender for example : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m96axKHGAyo

Yet, you are here again :wink:

You have been thought to help yourself!
Remember what you have learned.
Make a plan with your wishful goals, mark steps and follow through. Dance!
Think global act local… basics, basics… and so on.
Tutorials, books, libraries, web, groups, clubs, friends, social spaces, communication, seek inspirations, study projects all over… the true mastery will come from listening and solving, starting with yourself. Patiently. Repeat many times.
Forgive and learn from mistakes.
With hope and to feel good…

… enjoy.

Think of alternatives. Think of improbable.
Make mistakes.


Fall in love.
Break a heart.


Never stop.

Sleep to dream.


I’m in the same boat as you, @bill2reg

I’ve given up expecting much help around here, since the simpler questions seem to get passed over by those who would know because they’re probably not looking at noob questions very much. The less simple questions are also often hard for a new user to explain their problem in a way that’s easily understandable, so they don’t get much help. Only after struggling with a problem for a while, giving up and then coming back to it later, do things begin to sink in and it gets easier. At least for me.

As for google, that can be as much of a time-waster as waiting for someone to help you. I usually end up finding a solution to my problem on my own before I ever get a response from anyone.

There aren’t very many resources for new users besides tutorials that teach the absolute basics, and not always very well. I’ve picked up more than a little bad information that way because the teacher doesn’t really know their stuff and just want to show off what they just learned themselves. Then there’s the documentation, which I agree is less than useful in many respects.

The best compromise I’ve found is to just vary your exploration of Blender’s features and not get too focused on learning how to do one particular thing you want to do. It comes over time. I’ve been learning Blender for only 3 months, and looking back, I can see how much I’ve progressed in so short a time, even though it doesn’t seem like it to me. I may have forgotten some things I learned early on (like rigging armatures), but when I eventually go back to it, it’s going to be so much easier to understand.

The only resources that are helping me are the Blender docs (always study them first, even if they don’t always help), a few tutorials (maybe), a few tips I pick up reading stackexchange Q&As, and playing around with things on my own.

Thanks to all of you, except burnin. You were no help at all, since you don’t seem to understand. I do use Google a lot, and Youtube, and they are often of some help, but it’s hit-and-miss. I will try to use the manual and keep asking specific questions here as I need to. I still look at tutorials, and try things for myself. Thanks again.

I finally found my niche by figuring out exactly what my passion was. Once you figure out what it is you really, REALLY want to do, you will hobble around whatever help is there and stick to it. It is in the sticking to it even when you are confused that you eventually learn the stupid, nit picky, details that get in your way.

My personal favorite tutorial of all time is this one.

Part of it is I finally realized my main passion is creating and animating human models. This might seem like something that should have been obvious, but my initial draw to Blender was just watching videos, and I then decided I wanted to animate, but I just wasn’t really getting into it. So then the Blender Game Engine came out and REALLY lit a fire under me, and I knew at that point what I wanted was realistic human game characters.

From there, this tutorial really helped me a ton with basics and how the basics relate to creating the human form.

I hope that was in some way helpful.