where to find gp tools addon?

i don’t find the gp tools addon that’s mentioned in the new grease pencil animation videos. i would like to render the grease pencil strokes with freestyle.

any hints where i can find this? :slight_smile: i spent some time looking for it but it must be hidden well. :slight_smile:

no where … its still not released

will it be free or commercial?

I’m interested too, it looks very useful.

same here, googled for a while, and looked on coders facebook page, but no chance .

any videos to show what you are talking about?

@ Albertofx:

The author says, that addon sources are at http://git.blender.org/gitweb/gitweb.cgi/blender-staging.git/shortlog/refs/heads/grease-pencil-v2.
But, it seems to me, there are C-sources of Blender-devel itself ?.. - so only full rebuild ?!

Grease Pencil is NOT an Add-On. It’s completely built in inside Blender! Just hold D and start drawing with Grease Pencil. Check the Panel Tools Tab as well.

And for what Pepe is showing, Grease Pencil v2 is inside Blender 2.78 and onward.

yes grease pencil is a tool , but kakapo is right also , there is an addon called “grease pencil Tools” developed by antonio , and its yet not available ,

many features are included in 2.78 but still GP tools has some of the interesting features . take a look at this one

no GP tools addon? Interpolation is a must. 2.78a has it?

Look at this: