Where to find information about exporting models / animation

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Hi guys :slight_smile:

I wonder if any of you can help me out here. I’m about to start work on a 3d paintball strategy game for my third year degree project. I would like to be able to use blender to do some modelling and animation for the game, particularly for the characters and weaponry. The problem is, I know very little about getting data out of blender into some format I can import into my game engine.

Can anyone offer any insight into how I can export my models and animation from blender into some sort of file? Any advice or references to documentation would be very much appreciated.


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Well there’s python scripting, if you know it.

What kind of file type do you need?

If you are a student for $395 you can buy Lightwave 7.5.

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Well, I can learn python scripting, but how does that help me export stuff?

I don’t really care about the file format because I’m almost certainly going to be writing a custom loader. Something like MD2 would be nice but I know blender doesn’t support it.

$395 is out of my reach I’m afraid (no matter how much I would like to play with Lightwave ;)). Milkshape might be better (what is it, $20?), but I already know how to model and animate in blender, and we’re going to be very pushed for time on this project!

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here are some converters from blender to other formats.


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Shift+F2: Exports scene as DXF
Ctrl+F2: VRML