Where to Find Interior Wall Image Textures?

I’ve only looked briefly, but am yet to find a source of free image textures for interior walls.
I’m looking for plain painted walls, plain & subtly patterned wallpaper and pretty much any other sort of wall ‘style’ you’d expect to find in a fairly modern home. Optimally the textures would be tileable, but it’s not to much of an issue if they’re not.

So if any one knows of any websites with such textures please link to them!

Try Cgtextures.

I’ve tried there already (first place I always check), but the two categories of wallpaper textures they have are ‘70s’ and ‘40s’ so the style of the wallpaper isn’t really what I’m looking for - it’s to outdated looking.

best way to get the exact texture you want, is to make them yourself. blender can paint tiling textures, using the ‘wrap’ function, and you can also make them in photoshop or GIMP, by painting in the middle, and then changing the offset, placing the edges in the center, and continue to paint from there. also, if you describe in more detail what you are looking for, I may have something close for you.