Where to find Quake3?

Does anyone know where to find a compiled version of quake3? I heard the source code was released.

what good does that do you without the art files?

I dunno where a compiled version is

but you could probably get it of p2p legally seeing as though the source code was released

I have the compiled version. :smiley:

Although I “liberated” it long before the source code was released, I guess it’s okay to talk about this.

I tried sig2dat. doesn’t work. I guess elysiun or the BBcode must not accept it as a protocol.

Anyway, If you have a fasttrack client, just do a search for either quake3 or quake III. I’ll leave K++ on. It’s worth a try.

just because the client is open source doesn’t mean the game art is available for free. It is licensed just the same as before, you have to buy the game to play it.

pirating quake3 is just as illegal as before…

looks like the game sells for like 10 bucks anyway:

Its what they did with the doom-1 engine.

ID says: Here you go loyal community heres the wonderfull domm1 engine.

Community says: Ow boy ow boy

ID says: Only one small snag you must have the game in the first place to be able to get all the textures maps and everything else to work.

Community says: . . . . . . But I lost my copy

ID says: Go out and get another one!!

Thsi in return prolongs the game and gives ID a small money boost as people go out to buy the game.

Simple yet clever and all so innnocent.

And anyone can make their own games using this professional game engine for free!

Engine is not equal to artwork, so i don’t buy your sarcasm, kit89. I would rather enjoy the opportunity of dozens of new games taking some of the knowlege from the engine, making better artwork, and better game concept.
And i think it’s very fair from them to release the code after they made the majority of sales


I wasnt attempting to have sarcasm :frowning:

And I didnt mean to come across saying the engine is equal to artwork either. As its not and I can completely understand why it doesnt come with the source code.

Well, piracy or not, someone downloaded it from me. Was it you, Aravinda?

Downloaded from where?

K++ is a useless piece of sh** so no… i haven’t downloaded quake3 instead got Tribes :stuck_out_tongue:

kit89: Thats rather childish. ID Software gave out the source code to Doom & Quake 3 so that game developers could see how it was done & encorporate it into their games. Not so that free-loaders could get a free copy of the game. That was never their intention. If you want to play the original game you still have to go out and buy it.

Keith. 8)

part of the source are realsesd for the Mod crowed. Since the mods are more popular than the basic game anyways.

You can play the demo for free.

Note that OS need not be free. It just means you get source code maybe for a fee. That not the same as say a GNU licence. Lots of unix software was like this not too long ago.

But i pay for games for one simple reason. Its cheaper. My time is not free… and $10 NZ is dirt cheap.