Where to get e versions of old comics

So where can I get mario and sonic comics online for free.(E Versions)



hello to you as well…

I was just trying to see if anyone would reply since nobody really did

I don’t know, where? :slight_smile:

Have you tried looking it up on google search engine ? The other option is too look on e-bay. Just becare of the copyright issue. Someone spent time drawing/investing in the images, and would ofcourse want compensation so as to feed their family.

So if there are still buyers why no reprint? Ever heard of “work for hire”? Besides, people invented Mickey Mouse been dead for decades, still Disney corp wants to hold on to the rights eternally.

Before ripping off, know who you are ripping off of.

Well folks who was retired sometimes put their monies in the shares and the want to get dividends to live comfortably. Ofcourse there is some risk with this venture and I am sure they be warned already of this risk. But as a curtesy to these folks and those who made the wonderful work after being hired, I am sure one would take into account. Anyways, the argument you have is “would the artists want you want their work, even though they be paid or not ?” Look at our olympic host country - coping work seems to some of them a mindset that they is doing the author a wonderful tribute.

Mickey mouse was owned by Disney… the company…not the man. Walt Disney created Mickey. The company is entitled to hold onto the rights eternally… it is their intellectual property. You should also beware of this if you work for a company… the artists at Pixar do not get to claim rights to those cool characters… they’re owned by Pixar because they were made FOR Pixar while under contract.

As for the E-comics… you could try WOWIO …they offer e-books for free… but you have to have a non-web-mail e-mail address (as in a college or work e-mail).

I don’t know. I do know where you can get Doonesbury and Dilbert e-comics for free (if you don’t count selling your eyeballs as a cost) and where to get Girl Genius e-comics for free as well.

As to Disney holding on to their intellectual property eternally, well, you need to do a little research into copyright. It’s supposed to encourage creativity by giving authors a temporary monopoly over selling copies of their work, so they can make some money from it. It is not eternal, nor is it the same as a right to physical property. I know it certainly doesn’t seem that way right now, but karma’s a bitch, and what goes around, comes around.