Where to get free/CC/GPL blender models?

Does anyone know of any sites that have a good library of free blender models?

I did a search and only found two, blendswap.com and turbosquid.com, but the problem is that both sites have very few models for blender and downloaded .zips always seem to be corrupt. :frowning:

I’m not looking for high quality models, just a good library (quantity over quality in this case). At least models that are not corrupt?

Umm all of Blendswaps models are for Blender :stuck_out_tongue:

If your having trouble with corrupt .zips, it may be an issue on your end - I’ve never had a problem opening a file from Blendswap.

Also if you want to use models without giving credit, make sure you use the CC-0 licensce :slight_smile:

I should be more clear, blendswap.com has blends, but I ment the zip files were corrupt.

For example, the site says a .zip is 4 MB, when I download it I only get 1 MB.

So I thought that perhaps my connection or download got got cut off, I downloaded it again and got the file with the same size.

It seems like more than half of the .zip files on blendswap.com are corrupt (short), as if the uploader did not upload the file completely.

You need to check your download or unzip application. Never seen any file issues. If you have a problem with any blendswap files then http://www.blendswap.com/help

I have contacted blendswap’s help, they say it’s the unzip app, but I tried every unzip app I have, pkzip, zip, unzip, File Roller, Archiver, etc, they all say the zip file is smaller than it says on the web page.

This does not happen on all blendswap hosted zip’s, just some, a few, usually large ones > 4MB.