Where to go from here?


(Sbix) #1

Hello, all!

I am somewhat “new” to Blender- I’ve been using it on and off for a couple of years and It only grew on me, so I have decided to invest more time into and learn it properly, as in the past I always ended up doing the same 2-3 things I knew.
I have figured out what I want to use Blender for and I have set up goals- develop my own style (low poly, solid colours, hand painted etc.). My idea is to build a library of assets and probably rigged humans, animals that I can kit bash into all kind of scenes I want. I don’t have the time or interest into doing photo realistic village- but count me in for a stylized one!
The second thing is… Well photo realism- fun or not I feel like I need to know how to do if I want to make my own style. And the problem solving aspect, despite being too hard at times, draws me in. Photo realism, apart from being used to teach myself proper geometry, lighting and all the things in between and after, will be used, hopefully for digitization of cultural heritage.
The final thing is to get somewhat familiar with all the aspect of 3D- such as Tris are ok in video games, but apart from that are better to be avoided.
I guess in short I just want to learn a lot of things at the same time, but what I end up doing is-
Either repeat the same things again and again.
Or follow a tutorial step by step with no problem, but then failing to apply at least half of the things to other models/scenes- such as looking at “How To Make Low Poly Cat” tutorial and then failing to do low poly dog…

So my question is- Is it a good idea to try to model,sculpt, re-topology, texture, set-up lighting, composite and render single objects like bottles, cups etc. Or is there other things I should do if I want to reach the set goals?

Here are some of things I have done:

Part of a daily challenge I had set up for myself: Suppose to be low poly assets

Mix of my ideas- digitization of cultural heritage but stylized:

Trying to do something realistic

And then this: A shot at digitization of cultural heritage

And finally I’d like to apologize if my post is in the wrong category, but this is the one that seemed the most appropriated.