Where to go from here?

This is the tutorial I’m following: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Blender_3D:_Noob_to_Pro

I went down to Billboard animations. My gallery is at http://www.gallery.wolvenmoon.com

I’m at a point that the blender tutorials are either outdated, or insufficient for me. I’m equally open to another set of tutorials to push me closer to photo realistic character modeling / animation, or (gulp) investing in software and curriculem to get me there.

My question is, if there aren’t other free tutorials for Blender 3D to take me from where I am to closer to my end goal of realistic character modeling, what are the books I should invest in? If there aren’t any books that will provide a contiguous path, what other software should I invest in to learn on, before returning to blender?

The noob to pro tutorials are great as far as introducing each concept, but as for advanced modeling, they’re just not enough.


I recommend “Introducting Character Animation With Blender”

It’s a great book that takes you through every step in the animation process. It focuses more heavily on actual animation than on modeling, texturing and rendering, but it does cover these things.

Take every tut on Cgcookie…Don’t invest yet, lots more to learn.

Is also a fantastic website. Basically a google archive of blender tutorials.