Where to go

im going to be graduating highschool soon an although i dont have a graet deal of animation experiance i have 3 years and ongoing experiance in autocad autodesk viz and autodesk rivit. i really love 3d animation and 3d special effects and i wanted to ask all of you where to go from here i would like to go to collage for animation or game design. shadow and or inturn somwhere and wanted to ask where to go to collage and whatnot.


What you need is art. Go to an art college. Art art art.

Listen to Rocketman. Go to an art school. Here in Los Angeles, the best art instruction seems to be at the dedicated art schools (Cal Arts, Otis) and the community colleges. In some cases, they’ve even got the same instructors. The Cal State Universities and the Universities of California, while they have art degree programs, don’t seem to provide the same level of practical training. Don’t know if it’s the same situation in Arizona.

well the U of A and Nau dont offer anything i have looked into the artcenter design collage because its about 10 miles away but the only problem is its somwhere near double the price of the U of A but they offer a four year bachelors in animation heres a link to there website http://theartcenter.edu/mainA.html tell me what u think

The website looks slick, but I’d expect that. The only real way to tell is to visit, and see for yourself what’s going on. Take a look at the studio spaces during class time. Are they crowded? Check out the equipment and facilities. Look at student work. Are you impressed? Don’t limit yourself to looking at animation. Is the life drawing realistic? How about the shapes of the ceramics? The sculpture?

Does the faculty adhere to a particular “school” of art, or can they support you in any direction your talent and interest takes you? (this is hard to figure out just from a visit, although if they do belong to some “school” they’ll probably be upfront about it, so as not to disappoint students interested in another type of art.)

Check out the alumni. Are most graduates working in an art related field?