Where To Make Suggestions for Blender UI Changes?

I know this is on here somewhere, but I can’t find it.

I tried the wiki, but I see no way to join. Could someone shed some light on this, please?

Here’s how to register for the Wiki:

While you could write your unsolicited suggestions into the Wiki, it’s probably a waste of time. If the devs are in shortage of suggestions, they’ll let you know.

You have a lot of time on your hands…

Ron, Ignore BB. He just seeks to antagonize and belittle.

My advice is to head on over to developer.blender.org and find the subjects you are interested in and add feedback based on what is being discussed. I would also check to see if what you are thinking of is already present in https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ScPMbHv8WRCU2znB7IU2l-W9hH-NLs5weQKLkjqmgpA/edit

The current set of UI proposals and changes is pretty solid though.

I’ve browsed some of the comments and I have to say those guys were intent on making things right. And most of the proposals make sense. One would hope with Ton’s full support they will be implemented. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to make things right.

Modo is probably the only modern app that made it successfully. It’s counterparts, Silo and Hexagon stopped development completely. So if these guys participating in the UI proposals keep going Blender may well become a modern app.

Yeah thats one of the challenges and or fears quite a few of us have. Too often have some features or plans get worked on or presented only to be shot down because of “reasons”.

Modo is probably the only modern app that made it successfully. It’s counterparts, Silo and Hexagon stopped development completely. So if these guys participating in the UI proposals keep going Blender may well become a modern app.

I agree, though Modo still has its weak spots. There was a big thread awhile back about some stuff, which caused Modo’s head to respond via podcast and a follow up thread asking for feedback from the users. It was a good response, one that listened to both the user base and those interested but not ready to commit to the software.

Regarding Silo, it was just a modeler so I wouldnt necessarily put it in the same category… but apparently development for it has started back up again.

When Daz 3D purchased Eovia, they got both Carrarra (1989) and Hexagon (2000). Carrarra was closer to being a full 3d package, so they put Hexagons resources into Carrarra instead, which makes sense. Not sure how much has changed since then but the last update (8.5) seems to be about 13 months old.

But yeah, I think Blender has some of the most potential. Modern doesnt break convention, it builds upon it and perfects it.

Since you joined 3.5 years ago, should by now know that this is an utterly pointless activity.

He is telling it like it is unsolicited suggestions tend to go no where.

@ tyrant monkey

Well, then the wording on this page about the UI team should be changed I think. Now it says :

Yeah, maybe it should be changed to be a little less inviting. To get to my conclusion, you need to read between the lines a bit. Words like “speculative” and “we don’t have any developers” should be red flags, as should be the lack of participation in user proposals that are already on that wiki page.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t write a proposal, I’m just saying it’s probably a waste of time! It’s simple advice, not to belittle. Your proposal might be totally reasonable, after all.

Ok you have proposed. What now? Stoop proposing the same proposal?

@joahua no it shouldn’t be changed just read the last line. Maybe the should bold that bit or give a definition of what the word speculative means. There is no harm in making a suggestion but most of the paid developers are have projects; like gooseberry development, bug fixing and what ever they got development grants to work on none of them are UI projects the volunteer developers will work on their own projects.

Modo started with only modeling features. Although I wouldn’t have assumed Silo devs were intending to make Silo a full 3d package. Hexagon was actually Amapi without the NURBS and with innovative modeling features added. It was supposed to complement Carrara’s odd modelilng, which was not up to par with most sub-d modelers.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that there existed delopment teams that had the guts to come up with modern 3d apps, which is a daunting task. Starting from scratch is not easy, and at the same time had this opportunity to right things from wrong. That’s the way I look at it with current Blender’s UI team. This is it. This is one huge opportunity that may never appear again. Ton should be supporting it like he’s supporting a major feature.

So many replies (and counter-replies). Thanks for all the input, guys.

The changes I have in mind are very, very small, so either they’ll be overlooked completely or may show up next version. They’re that small.

Like for instance, when you’re in Object Mode and click on “Smooth” the button is highlighted so it’s obvious… Or if only part of the object is smooth, the button reflects this somehow, perhaps by showing part of the button highlighted, a percentage, perhaps.

Thank you, Mr. Baron… Or may I call you, “Beer?” :slight_smile:

As for wasting time, I’ve done my share and I suspect it’ll happen again.

Perhaps so. I guess I’ll find out. :wink:

Okay, I signed up on the wiki, signed in and looked around.

It’s really not obvious where/how to add a new feature request. Is there a howto?

@rontarrant http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Meta:Guides/Writer_Guide http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/MediaWiki

Regarding the concerns that it’s a waste of time - it’s quite possible for a good design to shoot up to the top of the TODO list.

My impression is that making proposals is much like asking support questions. If it’s vague and poorly thought out, you don’t include any illustration of the issue and the desired result, and/or you’re kind of a dick, it will go nowhere. If your proposal is well-planned, well-illustrated, a realistic level of work to implement, not hamstrung by some dependency issue in the software, and you’re a reasonable person to deal with in correspondence, you stand a better chance of your proposal finding a willing developer. UI ideas are worse than a dime a dozen around here so it’s a bit exhausting to distinguish the signal from the noise.

Thanks. I’ll give it a read.