Where to mark seams on complex objects?

Hey everyone, I’ve been having fun modeling but I’ve run into a lot of headaches texturing. I’m trying to understand unwrapping with seams and while it makes sense in the tutorials (seams with boxes and cylinders) I’m not sure how to apply this knowledge to different, more complex objects. I’ve got this table here and I’m wondering where to put the seams and why? Could someone help explain it to me? File included; Thanks in advance!

SeamHelp.blend (682 KB)

try to imagine that you have this table in front of you, and you need to apply a faux wood wallpaper.
where are you going to make the cuts in the wallpaper? which pieces can be done all together? can there be seams in the texture in some corners?..

So thats the same problem with unwrapping and making seams. A good approach is to make a seam around each group of faces that supposedly belong to the same piece of wood, and from that thinking in how to wrap the wallpaper to it.

with some practice, you’ll start to solving this kind of problem quite easily :slight_smile: