Where to obtain free models?

Hey, does anyone know of a website where I could obtain free models? Preferably already rigged and textured.

I’m only interested in animation in 3D, I very much hate any form of modelling, Sculpting, texturing all of that. For the past three years I’ve been banging my head agaisnt that, and I still can’t produce anything I like. And since the thing I enjoy the most is animation, why am I even bothering with these things. So I was wondering if there is a site where you can get free models that you can use for everything you want. That would be perfect. Otherwise, I’ll just have to save a ton of money to buy models.

Already checked, but there isn’t to much there. I was hoping for something else.

chocofur has some free models. not a lot but a few things. also on gleb’s webpage creativeshrimp under resources,’ he has some site there that i believe has free models on it.

Is there something in particular that you’re looking for? Also, you can’t be too picky when it comes to using other people’s models because after all, they’re the ones who spent plenty of time making stuff for other people for free.

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Feel free to download and use my free 3d models in your scene


There are some rigged characters on Blend Swap & Blender Cloud has also few amazing ones



flyingarchitecture.com (Paid models, but has a section of a good amount of free ones)

www.lucrea3d.com (Good Quality models, ideal for arch vis. Most come with blend files with pre made textures and materials)





www.dmi-3d.net/ (Car models)


www.themantissa.net/resources/ (Trees mainly, some food models too)


nasa3d.arc.nasa.gov/ (Nasa 3d models)






threedscans.com (Free 3d scans)

Links to another 60 sites here, some i have already mentioned… This is a laggy website but it has good links lol http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/60-excellent-free-3d-model-websites/

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^Well, now it’s not anymore. Do people not read timestamps any more? I even left a comment saying that this thread was dead. But still, that’s an impressive collection. I don’t think I’ve seen a few of those before.

Yeah man, i’m not known for my attentive ways, my room could explode and i wouldn’t notice.

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Anyway, hopefully these can be usefull to someone who stumbles across this thread

Yup, yup & yes… checked.
Also this:

Preferably already rigged and textured.

even tho OP seems uninterested, it’s nice to have a collection under one roof
often i also check back on my posts to remind me of who i was, i am :wink: what’s changed

glad you didn’t. i for one appreciate your post.

I’m a big advocate for building a good little local photographic community. Situations like this is one of the advantages. Sometimes, local experienced photographers will mentor newbie photographers. Sometimes models are happy to pose for the newbies, especially if she knows that word will get around the local community.

I believe they’re talking about 3D models, not people.