Where to refer to when making a shader

I am working on a skin shader; A shader people can use for the manual bastioni lab. Ready to use as much as possible.

For a week I am tweaking, rendering and tweaking this shader, but got confused since a few days;

In the attachment you will see ten renders of this skin shader with exact the same settings. The only thing I changed was the environment map.

When I look at the “Alley” render, I think that there is to much bump. But then I see barely bump in the “Bryant park” render or in the Queen Mary Chimney which looks very glossy to me while others look dry.

Also the roughness of the gloss. How do I judge that if all renders give different results, or to what do I refer? Feels like I loosing feet under the ground, but I suppose my approach is wrong. Or could it be that not everything is that PBR yet? As far as I know I use PBR approach. ( energy conservation, pbr reflection/fresnel shaders, etc. ).

More about the shader;

  • 2 reflection shaders (cynicat) one rougher other sharper
  • 1 reflection shader has a glossmap as input ( the pores).
  • bump and normal map, 1 for pores other for veins on skin.
  • 2 layers of SSS.
  • Albedo/diffuse ofcourse.
    Work in progress; I need to make a roughness map so that on the head and nose etc it will be glossier. Now it is just global, all over the skin the same roughness.

So any idea if I have to use less bump, more gloss or less ? ( I cannot tell when looking at the pic below ).