Where to report non-crash, non-compile issues with latest builds?

I know that the focus right now is on crash reports, and rightly so.

But where is the best place to report issues with the latest builds that are:

  • Not related to crashes
  • Not related to compile issues

I have two specific issues that need to be reported, but not sure where to file them.

Write them down and hold onto them until the devs are ready to process more bug reports.


The code blog mentioned the bug tracker reopening for all reports when 2.8 hits beta (right now it’s for reporting crashes only).

This coincides with the official end of the line for 2.7x (when the 2.8 branch is merged into master).

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Like it was said note them down for now. :slight_smile:
There is a lot of work still to be done everywhere in Blender.
The non crashers at this phase are only for the Studio (as they can negatively affect the Spring production) and if a developer finds them (as can be an issue that needs to be solved to fix / do other things).


Thanks for your responses. In the meantime, in case anyone is curious, one of the things I found is that four of the editor panels is missing from the Themes panel. I have captured them here:

The node editor takes care of the shader/compositing/texture.
The dopesheet takes care of the timeline.
The graph editor takes care of the drivers.

During the code quest this was rather locked - whats the status now after the code quest?

AFAIK, until the beta, is still closed to the general public, only crashes, likely from the Spring Team are allowed.

It was said in the videos and in the blog that bug tracker will be reopened after the 2.8 beta is declared, in august, so we have to play the waiting game.

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I did not recall that specific - thanks for the reminder.

crashing bugs are currently open for anyone, however given the tracker is swamped currently it could be a bit before a developer gets to your submission. (also be sure to search before reporting, there’s a lot of duplicates already which tend to wasteful on both the reporter and the developers time)

I don’t understand why they opened bugtracker to anyone.

It should have been anticipated this would happen.
IMO, bugtracker should be limited to Spring team and crashes reports to Blenderartists or Devtalk forum.
That is a waste of time to force dev to close tickets or reply currently.