where to save template_list data

Hey there… I have created a template List with items. Now I want so save the data somewhere so I can access it from all scenes. I can’t save it under context.scene.
I have tried context.window_manager and it works from all scenes,
but when I save my blendfile and reopen it the data gets lost.

Can someone tell me where best to save the data of a template list?

Thanks in advance.

You could save it to bpy.data.scenes[0] with a save_pre handler. Load it into the window manager with a load_post operator

Thanks for your help.
I have saved the data now in bpy.data.scenes[0].asset_list

But what is a load_post operator? How can I use it? I don’t know exactly how load those files only once on startup into the window manager…

I have just found

Well… How do I use those? xD

I figured out how the load_post handler works.

import bpy
from bpy.app.handlers import persistent

def loadAssetList(dummy):
for item in bpy.data.scenes[0].asset_list:
item2 = bpy.context.window_manager.asset_list.add()
item2.name = item.name


Again, thanks for your guidance batFINGER!! :slight_smile: